Michael J. Fox Makes Rare Appearance And Confirms What We All Knew

So when the main cast from the movie reunited recently, it made waves all over the world. Especially since the main character in the movie played by Michael J. Fox has been suffering from a chronic condition for the last few decades…

Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, and Tom Wilson were all once part of the amazing movie franchise for Back to the Future. Even after almost four decades since the movie first came out, there are fans of the franchise who cannot get enough of it.

This is why the cast was invited to the FanExpo convention. The cast reunited to share special memories from their time together.

Lea Thompson who played the main character Marty McFly’s mother in the first two films took to Instagram to talk about their reunion. She posted pictures and videos from the event and wrote.

”Wow, honestly had the best time today with my #bttf family,” she captioned the post while tagging all the actors and some of her other friends. “So many fun fan moments too and a llama.”

In October 2022 Lloyd and Fox reunited at the New York Comic-Con but this time other members of the cast were also invited. The cast revealed a lot of things some people might have not known about the time they filmed the series.

They revealed that Michael J. Fox replaced Eric Stotz for the role of Marty McFly after the movie had begun shooting.

84-year-old Christopher Lloyd revealed he was not too excited about the change in casting. The actor said, “The announcement at one o’clock in the morning after we were shooting for six weeks, was that the actor playing Marty would no longer be playing Marty and that tomorrow, we would start shooting with Michael.”

He added, “I felt that I barely made it through the [first] six weeks and now I was gonna have to do it again… There was immediate chemistry, as they say.”

Confirming what we knew all along; the two men have a genuine and wonderful friendship. What a beautiful relationship the two men share, it almost moves you to tears; the bond they have maintained for decades now.

As for Fox, he had a wonderful time from the get-go. The actor revealed, “Just take it in and let it wash over me. I thought he was brilliant. That was the whole thing,” the 62-year-old actor said. “Be with Chris and let it be Chris, and enjoy it… It was a thrill. Anytime I got to work with him, I knew it was gonna be a good day.”

Over the years, Fox has spoken fondly of his co-star Christopher Lloyd. In an earlier conversation, he revealed how the two of them had gotten close. He shared, “Chris is a great guy. He’s very enigmatic,” he told the outlet. “It took me a few films to get to know him. In ‘Back to the Future Part III’ we connected in a way we hadn’t on the other films. I came to see how much he loved acting. I never got that before. To sit down and talk about acting and talk about Shakespeare and ‘King Lear’… This guy can play King Lear! People don’t expect that of him. He’s full of surprises.”

He has also praised Lloyd as an actor, saying, “He can tell a movie’s worth of story in two seconds and you get it. Us regular actors have to lay out hours and hours to get the information out.” Adding, “Chris is brilliant at it. His love of film and his love of being an actor… He’s not just a crazy guy, he’s an artist.”

The actor also revealed some personal information. He revealed how the cast had been there for him after his Parkinson’s diagnosis. Fox said, “Parkinson’s is the gift that keeps on taking. But it’s a gift, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” Adding, “People like Chris have been there a lot for me, and so many of you have. It’s not about what I have, it’s about what I’ve been given: the voice to get this done, and help people out.”

Honestly, I have nothing but love for the cast of Back To The Future. Share this with other fans of the movie franchise to put a smile on their face!

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