Daughter Is Mad Because Parents Are Spending Her Future Inheritance

None of us are looking forward to the loss of our parents. It’s a very difficult time in life, but sometimes, our parents leave us things that allow us to be more comfortable. It’s something that many people aspire to.

Recently, somebody wrote to a newspaper and said that they were upset with their parents. It seems as if they had started spending their money in retirement and using it for themselves rather than saving it for their children.According to the author, they were going on fantastic holidays to New York, Costa Rica, Thailand, and others. It wasn’t long before the 34-year-old grew resentful with each trip.

Quite simply, they admitted that it wasn’t a pleasant thing to discuss but those dream holidays were draining their inheritance. They went on to speak about the cost-of-living crisis and the wealth gap of generations.

They then brought up a unique question: “Who is being selfish? Us for wanting them to save their money so we can one day have it? Or them, for splurging it all so freely on themselves?”

They said that her parents told them they would have the remainder of their savings and it would be split among their two children. Since they are now spending the majority of the money, it seems unlikely that it will happen.

The 34-year-old admits they are renting and living hand to mouth. They said that even if they were able to purchase a property, they would never be able to get out of debt.

It’s a sad story, but one that has reality on both sides. Although there isn’t a common solution or answer, it is one that sparks debate and really gets people talking.

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